Bush Tucker plants at Enviro House

Starting on Saturday 30th March we will be selling Bush Tucker plants for a limited time only.

These Bush Tucker plants are local to Perth and/or the South West and were used by the Noongar people before European settlement of Australia. This is a pilot program at Environment House with selected easy to grow and attractive plants for the Perth region.

Of course, care must be taken when eating bush tucker plants. You may have allergies to any number of plant foods, so taste a small amount first.

Plant species:

Enchylaena tomentosa   Ruby saltbush

Ground Cover, edible berries

Rhagodia baccata Berry saltbush

Ground Cover/spreading shrub, edible berries

Billardiera fusiformis  Native bluebell

Climber, edible berries

Centella asiatica Herbaceous perennial; frog ponds/damp areas, leafy greens

Atriplex cinerea Grey saltbush, leafy greens

Plants from Apace Nursery in North Fremantle

Where to buy Bush Tucker plants



When: Starting Saturday 30th March until stock runs out

Where: Enviro House

Price: Tubestock $3.50 each

Limit: 4 plants per household