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Want to know how to build a frog-friendly pond and protect your fruit trees from fruit fly? 

Come to Environment House at !0 am on Saturday 28 November for a frog pond workshop run by our wonderful Warren.

And at 3pm we'll show you how how to beat fruit fly in your organic back garden.


See our illustrated 12 page Envirohouse Catalogue Spring 2015.pdf our Facebook page and our latest ANNUAL REPORT. Also our beloved Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary is now on You Tube, to let you know of the exciting eco-transition happening there. 


We're @City Farm Markets, East Perth, (8am-12) on the first and third Saturdays of each month.
But we're taking a rain check on other fairs, fetes and festivals over the wintry months!


SWWAP - Saving Water, Waste and Power

High quality energy & water audits $150 for a 90min-2hr visit with a little report. It will pay for itself in few months, then savings ever-more! READ ABOUT OUR ADVISORS & HOW TO BOOK THEM! 

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