Stephanie Gray

North Ward

Q1. Waste Management

What do you see as the main challenges to managing and reducing waste in the City of Bayswater and what specific actions will you take to improve the City's waste management outcomes:

  • in council operations?
  • in commercial operations?
  • at the residential level?

When I was elected to Council four years ago I could never have imagined waste was such a complex issue! Tours of various waste facilities and learning about the pros and cons of various methods of waste disposal have reinforced to me that waste avoidance and reduction really should be the first step. The City can lead the way in this area, and have already made good progress in reducing waste at events. The banning of plastic straws and balloons is an action I support, backed up by educating the community on why this is both beneficial and necessary.

I'm pleased the introduction of FOGO was brought forward and have supported this initiative at every stage. I truly believe education of the community through the City and the EMRC is the key to the success of this project. Understanding why practices like FOGO are important helps make the transition easier. People don't know what they don't know, I certainly didn't to begin with and I still have a lot of learning about good waste reduction practices to learn. It's our responsibility to help people understand why FOGO and other positive waste management strategies are vital to our future and to the economic position of our City.

Q2. Transport

Places that are less car-dominated than the City of Bayswater currently is enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Safer streets
  • Cleaner air
  • Less traffic congestion
  • Healthier, more active population, and
  • Greater independence for children, seniors and people with disabilities.

Are you supportive of reducing car use and increasing active transport (eg walking, cycling) in the City of Bayswater? If so, what specific measures will you take to enable people to walk, bike (and scoot and skate) more?

If you are not supportive of reducing car use and increasing active transport, tell us why.

I was inspired by Cr Giorgia Johnson when I first joined Council and went out and bought myself an E-Bike! I happily admit to being a later-comer to cycling for fun and cycling as a commuter, but now I love it! I cycle to as many places as I can, including to school and to Council. It's amazing how much more of our neighbourhood you can see.

While as a whole, I have found the great majority of drivers very considerate, as an 'older' cyclist riding on busy roads makes me very nervous. Speaking with other cyclists in the community I have found I'm not alone in this view. Increasing bike paths and shared pathways is essential in encouraging more people of all ages to confidently walk, cycle and/or use other methods of active transport.

Providing easy access for people of all ages and with mobility challenges to move safely in our neighbourhoods important. I have requested that the newly upgraded roads in Noranda town centre have a 40km speed limit for vehicles to allow an easy transition between the various activity areas of Noranda.

Q3. Urban Greenery

Are you supportive of increasing greenery and tree canopy in the City of Bayswater? If so, what tangible ways will you work to increase the urban forest:

  • on public land?
  • on private land?

If you are not supportive of increasing urban greenery, tell us why.

Increasing our tree canopy is a must! I intend to strongly advocate for significantly increased tree planting of appropriate species on verges, median strips, parks and open space.

Encouraging and incentivising residents to retain trees on their properties is something I support, particularly significant trees on development sites. I'm convinced there are many creative development alternatives to simply clearing a block, and we need to encourage some 'out of the box' thinking without adding huge costs for residents.

During the past four years I have seen developments present plans with small shrubs proposed to satisfy the 'green' requirement. While these shrubs serve a valuable purpose increasing greenery, they do not replace or build true tree canopy. I will push for the inclusion of appropriate species of canopy proving trees to be included in development proposals.

Q4. Priorities

What are your top priorities if elected to the City of Bayswater council?

The care, well-being and safety of our community is my number one priority. I know that sounds broad and 'fluffy', but I firmly believe our people are our best asset. If we can wisely use the finances and knowledge of the City to provide good facilities, accessible, attractive, active open spaces and natural areas, our people will become more connected, happier and healthier. A truly connected community.


Stephanie Gray
North Ward


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