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It is when you have done your work honestly, when you have contributed your share to the common fund, that you begin to live.
Eugene V. Debs

We have a great group of people involved with Environment House, but the more people we have volunteering, the more we can do!

The vast majority of work at Environment House is done by volunteers. This includes running stalls at fairs and festivals; gardening; working in our EcoShop; catering; training and coordinating volunteers; IT assistance; administrative functions; teaching children; writing newsletters; marketing and communication with members, organising workshops and running projects in the community.

If you would like to volunteer in our EcoShop, you will receive as much support as you need and will always be on with a more experienced volunteer. If you like the idea of volunteering to improve our local environmental sustainability then contact us at:

Contact us on 9271 44 88 or shop@envirohouse.org.au

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Hi, my name is Rachael Roberts and I am currently the Co-ordinator of Environment House Inc. This is a voluntary position and I am ably supported by a great team of people with a wide skill set.

A few of these local people you may know: Warren Haley, Jo Bower, Alan Benn, Glenys Davies, Prue Robertson, Giorgia Johnson, Rosemary Lynch, Eleanor Reuvers, Nadine Wright Toussaint, Gavan Wood, Tess Tholstrup, Sandra Littlebury, Susan Monk and Bronwen Eybers.

Environment House is a well-known and well regarded nonprofit organisation in our local community and across Perth. We provide support, encouragement and inspiration to live sustainably and protect our environment for future generations. We provide support to people who are new to environmental sustainability. This might be a first attempt at composting, draught proofing a home, or attending a weeding day in a local wetland.

Environment House often partners with schools, aged care facilities, child care centres, local councils, government departments, migrant centres, financial counsellors, and householders to help achieve their sustainability aims. Alan Benn, our energy and water auditor, is highly respected for his work in this area.

We also run an EcoShop, providing expert advice and a wide range of products to assist people to live more sustainably. Many of our products are sourced locally with a strong focus on reducing household waste. We take our EcoShop on the road as a pop up shop at fairs and festivals, for local councils, weekend markets and the like.

Let us know if we can help you meet your sustainability aims.