Saving schools energy + water + money

Did you know that we assisted a local primary school to save over $10,000 a year on their energy and water bills?

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Thanks to Bendigo Bank funding we are visiting schools on request to provide sustainability education. In February 2017 our fabulous Sustainability Auditor Alan Benn visited all of the year six students at Maylands Peninsula Primary School to provide classroom education about water auditing. Students and teachers are now monitoring their water use and reporting their findings. This is an excellent way for students to integrate maths, problem solving and reasoning into the curriculum with a practical outcome for the school.

Alan Benn worked with the HIllcrest Primary School Community to complete an energy audit. Through implementing simple recommendations they have been saving over $10,000 a year in power bills since 2015. Alan also discovered through a water audit, that this school, along with Ashfield Primary School, were being overcharged by the Water Corporation for water fixtures they didn't have, saving thousands of dollars for these schools. These audits also enable schools to apply for grants for capital works changes to increase their environmental sustainability, and quickly put together the business case for expenditure of school funds. Alan is currently providing Hillcrest Primary School with expert advice as they negotiate the path to putting solar panels on their roof.

Environment House covers 50% of the cost for our Auditor to conduct an energy and water audit in a City of Bayswater school. Schools in other areas should contact us to find out if there are special offers in your area, as a number of Councils are providing support. Watch this space!

Newsflash: Alan is working with a number of schools to buy and install solar panels. Environment House is concerned at the expense being added to this process by the Education Department of WA. It appears that they are stipulating that schools employ their chosen consultant to assess the site before solar panels can be bought and installed.

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