Red-lidded bin diet tips

Tips to help slim your bin!

  1. Pizza boxes, paper towel, and tissues can go in the FOGO bin (Green lid).
  2. ALL food scraps can go in your FOGO bin.
  3. Make room for the FOGO caddie provided somewhere close to your regular bin, drawer, shelf, under the sink cupboard or on top of the counter / bench space.
  4. Collect soft plastics separately and drop-off these off to the REDcycle program at participating supermarkets.
  5. Use local Recycling Hubs (like at Enviro House in Bayswater) where you can take pens, toothbrushes, empty toothpaste tubes, metal lids, plant labels and more...
  6. Use the City of Bayswater Recycling Program (at Rec Centres, Shopping Centres and Libraries) where you can take light bulbs/tubes and batteries.

More information is available on the City of Bayswater Get ready to FOGO resources page.