Recycling drop-off station

Accepted items:

  • Plastic bottle lids and caps
  • Plastic tub and containers - Number 5 plastic only (ice cream tubs, yoghurt tubs, margarine containers, take away containers, plastic meat trays). Please note we do not take Number 1 (PET) or 2 (HDPE) plastic containers or bottles. (These go in your curb side yellow bin)
  • Plastic Beer Clips - these are collected and repurposed by Donut Waste
  • Metal bottle caps and jar lids both aluminum and steel. Please sort into aluminum and steel.
  • Pens and marker pens (not pencils or crayons)
  • Oral care items - now including electric toothbrush heads,
  • Electric toothbrushes, chargers and cords.
  • Brita Water Filters
  • Corks
  • Bread tags
  • Sports Equipment – items are collected and distributed to community groups through Fairgame -   (No Helmets)
  • Plastic flower pots – Number 5 plant pots (which we also encourage you to take and reuse if you have things to plant.).   Please knock out excess soil and remove labels.

Recycling of items not listed above

If you have an item for recycling not listed above and you are not sure where to take it, please don't leave it at our volunteer run recycling station. Please contact your local council, go to the Recycle Right WA website or contact us for more options.

Note: We do not recycle Blister Packs, Plant Labels, Glass Jars, Light globes or Batteries

Thank you for your cooperation.

We also have coffee grounds to collect

You can collect coffee grounds for your compost and worm farm from a bin adjacent to the Recyling Station.

Where is it all going to be recycled?

Where possible we have tried to find local options for items that can be recycled closer to home or that can't be processed by curbside recycling. Our volunteers will be dispatching items to the following:

CLAW Environmental

We are collection point for plastic items for CLAW Environment in Welshpool. Our volunteers take around 500 litres of plastic to CLAW every fortnight. CLAW Environmental divert plastics from landfill and enable the return of recycled plastics into manufacturing. Find out more at


TerraCycle  reuses, upcycles and recycles waste instead of incinerating or landfilling it. We collect pens and markers, oral care, and Brita water filters to send to TerraCycle though their targeted recycling programs. Find out more at You might even find a free recycling option for your workplace or organisation.

Dream Lucky Metal Recyling

Metal bottle caps and lids are taken to Dream Lucky Metal Recycling in Bayswater. You can also drop off scrap metal direct to them. Find out more at

Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

Please sort out cardboard ones from plastic. The cardboard ones can go into your compost or FOGO bin.  The plastic ones are sent to South Australia for recycling into products, and funds raised are donated to purchase wheelchairs for those in need.