Sustainable Bayswater

Sustainable Bayswater (previously know as Transition Town Bayswater) is an important community engagement arm of Enviro House, aimed at increasing sustainability and reducing the effects of climate change. The Sustainable Bayswater team commenced in 2017, and is involved in lots of different projects, including hosting regular movies at the City of Bayswater on Sustainability and Climate Change topics, taking verge/chook/bee walks. We have been hosting the 'Share and Repair' sessions at EnviroHouse monthly since 2019.

Get involved!

If you are interested in joining us, please just come to one of our meetings (we meet on the second Wednesday of every month at Enviro House, 6.30pm), or you can email Sustainable Bayswater and we will try to respond as soon as we can. We welcome new members!

Sustainable Bayswater

Share and Repair

shareandrepairlogo.svgPernilla and Julia, two of our members, started 'Share Your Spare' and the Seed Library as a monthly event in 2017 and did a fantastic job, our Seed Library is now bursting at the seams, and something which draws in a crowd. The produce shared is also fantastic and never wasted.

As for the 'Share and Repair' project, we launched it on 07/09/19 at the Inaugural Bayswater Grower's Market and have held it monthly ever since at Enviro House (except when unable due to COVID state of emergency / precautions). We combine the Seed Library, Produce Share, and Repair aspects in one, and thanks to Nadine, got a nifty logo. Our Share and Repair team is a crew of 9, with a great mix of genders and skills.

In our inaugural year, we upcycled 74 items and helped prevent 225kg of items going to landfill. Some of the more quirky items fixed include a vintage trike, a record player, a rocket, a chandelier, and turning rags into makeup remover pads and wrapping paper!


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