Daniel (Dan) Canute Lyle BULL

West Ward

Q1. What are your top priorities if elected to the City of Bayswater council?

My top priorities will be to work to try to reverse some of the decisions of the Council over the last two years (such as in relation to tree planting, significant tree register, funding for riverbank restoration, fast tracking the urban forest, refocussing on the Environment and Liveability Framework, infant immunisation, subsidised podiatry for older people, funding the footpath program), protect existing services, continue advocating for the Bayswater Town Centre and local businesses, champion Bedford streetscape improvements and local commercial improvement programs, lobby for more living streams, support our seniors centres and great programs for older people, and promote improved playgrounds and programs for our local kids.

Q2. How will you improve the management and reduction of waste in the City of Bayswater?

By supporting things such as the EMRC in building a permanent FOGO facility, delivery of the Environment and Liveability Framework, increased waste education for locals, initiatives by other organisations such as Environment House, and delivery of the City of Bayswater Waste Strategy.

Q3. What will you do to enable more walking and cycling in the City of Bayswater?

By supporting programs and initiatives such as to reintroduce the funding of the City of Bayswater footpath program, safe routes to schools program, increased tree planting along footpaths, lobbying for slower speed limits on local roads and pedestrian first shared spaces (such as that contemplated in previous motions of Council and as part of approvals of and around train stations).

Q4. What will you do to increase the City of Bayswater tree canopy from its current 14.55%, to its target of 20% by 2030?

Initiatives such as encourage fast tracking of the urban forest project, continue to keep tree planting jobs in-house, supporting the City of Bayswater natural environment team and focussing on increasing the number of plants being put in the ground year on year, continued improved tree maintenance programs, protecting and increasing funding for tree planting.

Q5. How will you help our community reduce emissions and support us in a move to renewable energy?

Support the proper funding and delivery of the Environment and Liveability Framework.