David Landale BEETSON

Candidate for: Mayor

Q1. What are your top priorities if elected to the City of Bayswater council?

  1. Firstly to acquaint myself with with what has been going on in the halls of power
  2. Investigate the administrative and state government overreach which has effectively neutered the council and its officers in many ways and try to claw back some representative power to look after the Bayswater Bedford Maylands, Embleton and Noranda community
  3. Find out what is going on with the state governments plan for the amalgamation of Bayswater Bassendean and Stirling ( guess who will become the poor relatives )
  4. Coordinate more with Bassendean on all matters i.e. roads, rubbish, greening and protecting the river and wet lands.
  5. Find out what can be done to revitalise Maylands centre, Bayswater centre and Morley hub surrounding the almost deserted Galleria and the many stalled developments . the only vibrant areas being Coventry Markets
  6. Investigate the pollution risks in the industrial nodes of old Bayswater and Maylands Tonkin hwy run off and do more to mitigate the damage to the river and wetlands.
  7. Look at the effect having child care centres on main roads and the toxic pollution
  8. Regenerate the major drainage systems comp basins etc to filtering wet areas
  9. Encourage responsible businesses into the commercial hubs
  10. Audit vacant corporate owned commercial holdings and get them being used i.e. the old Bunnings Morley
  11. Remove the toxic Wilson parking group from all bayswater commercial areas as I have seen the damage they have done to Fremantle and Perth with their insidious invasion. Parking should be an invitation to commercial rather than a deterrent and cash cow

Q2. How will you improve the management and reduction of waste in the City of Bayswater?

  1. Look at establishing a recycling depot-hub similar to stirling and try to find a charity operator or strike a deal with the stirling group
  2. Investigate the viability for auto can glass and plastic container deposit machines
  3. Audit rubbish collection operations
  4. Offer incentives to businesses that offer composable and recyclable packaging and charge for cleanup from non compliant businesses carrot and stick.
  5. Discourage demolition and encourage reuse and repurposing of buildings
  6. Assist residents in asbestos removal identification and management
  7. Encourage a reuse and recycle industry and culture
  8. Rationalise road works and signage to discourage waste 

Q3. What will you do to enable more walking and cycling in the City of Bayswater?

  1. Attempt to sort out the dangerous and stupid pretend bike path on railway pde and Wheatley crescent .
  2. Lobby MRD for dedicated bike paths for Beaufort st , Walter rd ,Collier and other arterial roads separate to footpaths to prevent conflict .
  3. Investigate the safety of e bikes and scooters 

Q4. What will you do to increase the City of Bayswater tree canopy from its current 14.55%, to its target of 20% by 2030

  1. Place advanced tree inclusion conditions in development approvals.
  2. Lobby and encourage more advanced trees in shopping centre car parks .
  3. Free trees for residents.
  4. Re assess trees in parks rather than swaths of lawn
  5. Encourage more open space in high density developments
  6. Rate discounts for higher tree inclusion
  7. Council education in greening spaces.
  8. Plant out more drainage areas and comp basins With filtering reed beds and swamp plants that would have been endemic to the area to save the swan river 

Q5. How will you help our community reduce emissions and support us in a move to renewable energy?

1. Promote legitimate solar installation with true life of systems audit
2. Encourage sensible development of mixed business and residential to lessen travelling
3. Utilise existing assets rather than demolish
4. Undertake energy audits for owners and offer solutions for energy efficiency
5. Audit actual net benefit of electric cars i.e. life span, road damage, power source, disposal cost before promoting their use and purchase by the council and public zero emission is a catch phrase often used with thinking.
6. Think local less travelling and better for the local community why hop on the freeway when you can walk down the street
7. Bayswater Maylands Morley commercial hubs are in a very dire state with upwards of 30% vacancies and the decimation metro net is reeking on King Willliam st beggars belief .
8. Investigate and encourage small scale off grid DC solar and batteries to lessen dependence on nan inefficient and costly extended grid "power at the demand point"

David Beetson