Central Ward

Q1. What are your top priorities if elected to the City of Bayswater council?

My top priorities in relation to sustainability are:

  • Increase active transport in the City of Bayswater.
  • Reduce waste.
  • Increase tree canopy.
  • Increase waterwise, green verges.
  • Support our native wildlife.
  • Support our community groups that are concerned with sustainability and our natural environment.
  • Advocate for the city to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and support residents and businesses to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Q2. How will you improve the management and reduction of waste in the City of Bayswater?

  • Continue to support the FOGO and recycling program.
  • Fight for an expansion of the cloth nappy rebate to include other reusable sanitary items, in line with rebates available in other local government areas.
  • Continue to support local community groups reducing consumption and waste, such as the Bayswater Toy Library and Bayswater Tool Library.

Q3. What will you do to enable more walking and cycling in the City of Bayswater?

  • Champion consideration of bike friendliness (e.g., accessibility, parking) in all development applications that come to council.
  • Support the creation of an Active Transport Officer role in the City.
  • Support the establishment and continuation of the Active Transport Committee.
  • Support measures to increase tree canopy.
  • Support for safe routes to school for all schools in the district.
  • Support measures to reduce speeding and hooning on our streets, with consideration of the impact of traffic calming measures on pedestrians and cyclists.

Q4. What will you do to increase the City of Bayswater tree canopy from its current 14.55%, to its target of 20% by 2030?

  • Advocate for trees to be retained in redevelopments.
  • Support an increase in the number of trees planted in the tree planting program.
  • Request the City investigate the development of a meaningful community education and engagement project on the importance of verge trees and the care of verge trees to maximise verge tree planting and survival rates, in conjunction with local community groups/volunteers.

Q5. How will you help our community reduce emissions and support us in a move to renewable energy?

If elected, I will be guided by the City's existing Emissions Reduction and Renewable Energy Plan and Environment and Liveability Framework. This would include, for example:

  • Supporting opportunities for installation of additional community batteries and electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Championing active transport.
  • Backing strategies to support local business and encourage residents to shop locally.
  • Supporting initiatives and community groups providing services that promote reusing, reducing and recycling.

Rhiannon Italiano