One Big Home - Movie Night!

Man Vs. Mansion. How do you ask the hard questions in your community?

Transition Town Bayswater and Environment House bring you this insightful new documentary and the Director will chat to us from the US about his movie after the screening. Don't miss this one!

How do you ask the hard questions in your community? Carpenter Thomas Bena's experience is that you do it out of caring and not out of anger.

Join us in the Embleton Room at the City of Bayswater Council Building for Transition Town Bayswater's fourth movie night. One Big Home is a new documentary by a Carpenter who decided to ask a hard question about why people want bigger (houses) when it might not be better.

This documentary explores the role our landscape plays in defining our sense of place and how failing to conserve natural places changes this sense of place. The process of answering this question led to a campaign that achieved a change in planning regulations in his community. Although this documentary is set in Martha's Vineyard, it resonates with the changes in our community as we face issues such as the preservation of our few remaining natural wetlands from development and how we can conserve significant trees on public and private land and better understand them as a joint community asset.

Thomas Bena (One Big Home Director) has asked to join us for a Q&A after the movie - skyped in from the US. Check out his TED talk



Fri. 26th October 2018
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm AWST


City of Bayswater Civic Centre
61 Broun Ave
Morley, WA 6943



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