Bucket with food scraps

Learn all about Bokashi from a Bayswater local who makes the bulk Bokashi mix for Environment House. Taeko's enthusiasm for Effective Microbes and using them to compost your waste into a high value product is infectious. Taeko has identified the most effective way to operate a Bokashi Composting System and will also explain how to make your own Bokashi mix, injecting the micro-organisms you need in this anaerobic composting system. Environment House volunteers who have participated in this workshop previously have reported learning alot. Even those of us who have used a Bokashi system for years benefited from attending one of these sessions.

Note that the venue for this workshop is the Bayswater Family Centre

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MAY 12

All About the Bokashi Composting System

Presented by Environment House



53 Murray Street

Bayswater, WA 6053

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