Keeping backyard chickens - walking tour

Sat. 15 September 2018 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

This event is currently fully booked!

Please email Environment House to let us know you would like to be on the waitlist in case of cancellations.

About our backyard chickens walking tour...

Environment House is trying something new this year for our backyard chicken workshop and taking you on a chicken walk.

We will visit two homes in Bayswater with backyard/frontyard chickens so you can pick their brains about chicken care. (Maybe we should re-phrase that! You can quiz the home owners about chicken care... ).

Chickens are the ultimate domestic pet as they are easy to look after, enjoyable to have in your life, they turn your food waste into tasty eggs, they eat garden pests, and they provide garden fertiliser. All with very little fuss. What other animal does that? Once you have had chickens there is no going back. Come along and see for yourself.