A New Logo and Trading Name for Environment House Incorporated

In June 2018 Environment House received a Myer Foundation Capacity Building grant to address a number of areas within the organisation. One of these areas has been our branding, marketing and promotion. In evaluating this it was decided to reassess the effectiveness of our trading name and logo.

For many years updating the Environment House logo has been discussed and this has meant that we have held off getting items such as new signage for the building and the pop-up shop trailer and other promotional items.

The name Environment House has also often been a point of confusion for people unsure if we are Environment House, Enviro House, Environmental House or Eco House to name a few. Part of this has been due to a lack of strong and consistent branding while there has been uncertainty about the logo.

At the September 18 Environment House Inc Committee Meeting it was resolved to adopt Enviro House as the organisations registered business name and day to day trading name. The reasons for this were to be in a position to brand ourselves strongly and consistently and also to align the name with our website domain which is envirohouse.org.au. As an incorporated organisation Environment House Inc remains the official name of the association.

As well as adopting the new trading name a new logo has been developed. In keeping with our previous logo, the new logo uses brown and green. The new logo also incorporates elements of flora and fauna with leaves and a dusty moorhen, as well at the built environment and the initials EH.

Our new logo was approved at the March Environment House Inc Committee meeting. This logo can now be seen on our website and social media pages and will be used in future promotional materials and signage.