Raising Quails in the Suburbs....quirky and tiny eggs for the table!

Date And Time

Saturday, October 12 2019
10:00 am – 11:00 am AWST

Tickets $15 (child).



Enviro House
125 King William Street
Bayswater, WA 6053

Want fresh eggs, but don't think you have enough space for chickens, then perhaps Japanese Quail are the answer.

• Females lay on average 300 eggs per annum
• Average egg size of 12 grams.
• 5 quail eggs is equivalent to 1 chicken egg in weight though white to yolk ratio is different.
• Quieter than chickens
• Need 45cm square space per bird, so 5 birds can be contained in a meter square, though I like to give them a bit more room.
• Can be bred and processed for meat, for those looking for alternatives

Join us for this workshop to learn more!

About Sam from Urban Farm Living

  • I started hatching Japanese Quail in May 2016
  • I have hatched out 67 batches of Japanese Quail and raise 1,817 chicks since that first time.
  • I have gone from keeping just a few birds in cages to now having 3 large aviaries.